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The first affiliate rewards system in Tectum blockchain. Earn with Softnote up to 30% of the purchase amount by TET referrals! Transparent reward system with a record in the Tectum blockchain.


of the purchase amount


Levels of referral structure


Tokens on sale


Regions of presence

Softnote partners have developed a simple, but profitable referral system. Each partner has 3 types of income sources:

  1. Direct sale - from each personal sale you receive 10% of the purchase amount.
  2. Referral bonus - income from a structure where you get 5% from level 2, 4% from level 3, 3% from level 4, 2% from level 5 and 1% from level 6.
  3. Leadership Bonus (Team leader) - If you are the leader of the structure and your turnover is 50k. - 100k.$ and more You additionally receive a leadership bonus for team development in the amount of 5% of your turnover of sold TET tokens.

Simple & effective earning scheme


Up to 25% can be received by any members of the affiliate program, + 5% by team leaders and another 5% by the regional leader

5% of every 100,000 USD turnover

Team Leader status is assigned to a partner who has a developed affiliate structure with a volume of sales of TET tokens amounting to 100.000 USD. Additional remuneration in the amount of 5% is charged on a one-time basis

5% of every 100,000 USD turnover
Схема партнерского вознаграждения